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Happy Year of the Beef!

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year Everyone!!!

Too bad no holiday for me TT___TT......
Also i really wanna see some GOOD lion dancing live, that involves them leaping onto tables and other things. *sigh~~~~* Not some half-assed crappy ones.

At a western mall in my area this year, they have some Chinese New Year activites. It included dance performance, and etc. They had dragon dancing. During the dragon dancing performance, you know what background music they played. They played "STAYIN' ALIVE" BY THE BEE GEES. Disco and Dragon Dancing are a perfect match, just like Tony and his comb -__-;;



KAGURAAA!!!! <33
LOLLLL western lion dance ahahaha how... fitting.... ò_ó
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i wanna see some live good lion dancing >3<

disco and dragon dancing....*sigh*


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