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France on Strike!!

Sketch of France from #Hetalia. I drew it yesterday before th... on Twitpic

Sketch of France from Hetalia. Click on the above for a better view.

I drew this sketch before France was eliminated from the World Cup. This time around due to all their inner turmoil, it really affected their play, and cost them dearly. If the French team wasn't eliminated, i would have coloured this drawing. Now they are gone, i feel this drawing is now irrelevant. Damn you! French team, I wanted to finish this drawing too =3=;;

This drawing is meant be a triple pun.
1) Service in France are often on strike. The different departments of government and companies like to support each other. Hence, giant strikes. Totally sucks for tourists XD
2) On Sunday, the French team refused to practice . So technically, they were on strike lol.
3)In this drawing, France is supposed to be playing the striker position. Hence, that pose.

It's kind of lame when i feel like i need to explain the joke ^___^;;



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