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Index by ~jHYtse on deviantART

Index from Toaru Majutsu no Index.

I drew it as a free request for my 235th follower on Twitter. My ussername is jHYtse It was originally only suppose to be a sketch, but like all my sketches, it was messy and ugly orz.... So i decided to colour it in. One reason i drew it is because i wanted to challenge myself to see if i can draw moe girls. Did i succeed?

So anyways, i haven't updated this blog in over a month. That's because i was gone on vacation from beginning of May until the third week of May. During these three weeks i went to London, Amsterdam, Seoul, and Japan (Tokyo, Nikko, and Sendai). After i came back, that weekend i went to Anime North 2010. i had lots of fun talking with people, and seeing old friends. I guess the social aspect of anime conventions is what makes the event fun ^__^

So now i'm back. I don't draw oekaki anymore -___-;; because i'm too busy or just on Twitter too much XD;;;

I also recently started a podcast called jACKET's 4D Pocket You can also find it on iTunes; just search for "Jacket's Fourth Dimension Pocket" You may notice all my blogs have the same name, and that's because i am too uncreative to think of another perfect name XD
Each podcast is about 5-20 minutes long, and i usually record them daily. So please have a listen ^__^



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