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iPhone Wallpapers


Shinsengumi flag wallpaper for the iPhone. Version 1.


Shinsengumi flag wallpaper for the iPhone. Version 2.


Shinsengumi flag wallpaper for the iPhone. Version 3.


My Gintama-inspired iPhone wallpaper.

I just noticed some mistakes in Version 3 -__-;;

Why did i make these wallpaper you ask? Because i just recently got an iPhone 3Gs 16GB. My old cell phone was slow and froze on me three times, then it started not being able to go into sleep mode, which eats up the battery very fast. Plus, i thought the iPhone would be very handy when i go on my trip in May to London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Seoul.

On another note, I just recently started a photo blog. It has interesting photos from my other trips. Since i have been to Japan a lot, that is why i have so many photos of Japan ^__^;; Please check it out if you are interested.

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