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GOLD CANADA GOLD by ~jHYtse on deviantART

Canada and Kumajiro from Hetalia.

I don't know why i drew this in an American comic book style....

I have been watching the Winter Olympics A LOT. Probably because it's held in Vancouver, and there's nothing much on TV other than Olympic coverage XD

I have been watching so much that it distracted me from my Chinese New Year drawing. The opening ceremony was not bad, my favourite parts of if was the introduction of the Aboriginal Nations in Canada, and my most favourite part was 'Rhythm of the Fall' representing Quebec and Atlantic Canada. I mean, who can resist Celtic fiddling and tap dancing by goth punks XD

I normally don't watch any sports, but whenever these worldwide sporting events take place, i tend to watch a lot of it. Like the Summer Olympics and World Cup.

I can't believe Canada lost to the US in the February 23rd match. The nest day i was talking to it with a friend, throughout the whole conversation we were literally like this 'OTL' with our heads held in shame XD

There's a really big chance Canada is going to be up against the US again for the finals. So here's hoping to Canada winning gold, because i know the Americans don't care about hockey.

Here's another sketch i did, but i really didn't like it, because it just didn't convey action and intensity.


By the way, i absolutely LOVE the Vancouver Olympics mascots. They are so adorable and have a Japanese influence. I think it's genius that they made so much merchandise of them ^0^



YAY for Canada, hurhur. [Aww, kumajiro looks so cute]
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  • 2010.02/26 23:09分 
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Re: No title 

> YAY for Canada, hurhur. [Aww, kumajiro looks so cute]

lol Thank you :D

i didn't know whether to make Kumajiro cute or fierce in this, so i went for something in between ^__^;;
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  • 2010.02/26 23:22分 
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