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Eringi; Manly!


Eringi (エリンギ) from Hokto Kinoko (ホクトきのこ)

Before you're wondering what anime this is from, i'll tell you this character is not from an anime, but from a mushroom company. (No, not that kind of mushroom either) This is just my version of a humanized Eringi -__-;; I like drawing humanizations too much....

Here, just take a look at their commercial ^__^

I've always noticed Hokto Kinoko at my local Asian supermarket, because of its cute mushroom characters on their packaging. But today was the first time i saw the whole gang of mushrooms on the Eringi mushroom's packaging. So i just had to look it up, hence, this weird piece of fan art -__-;; Truth be told, i love eating mushroom/fungus of all kinds.

EDIT: I added this to pixiv, and someone added the tag "病院が来い" to my drawing XD. i think that roughly translates to "hospital come" XDDD. In other words, i'm pretty messed up ^0^



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