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From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love by ~jHYtse on deviantART

Russia from Hetalia.

I never intended to colour in this drawing with a lineless sort of style. Only because i didn't want to draw the outline of the fuzzy hat...orz.... Hence, this is my first time employing this method of colouring. I would love your honest opinions on it, like whether youlike it or not.

Truth be told, this was a bitch to colour. It's time-consuming, and hard to make it clean -__-;; But i guess, i also like the softness, and the semi-surrealism touch to it.

I hope the inscription on the snow globe reads "From Russia With Love". I wouldn't know since i don't know Russian, and i used Google translator for it..orz....

This drawing was never meant for any holiday, but i learnt that the Russian New Year and Christmas is celebrated around this time. So, Merry Russian Christmas and Happy New Year~! (?)

Yeah...i know this drawing is a bit depressing, especially being my first coloured drawing of 2010. But it seriously reflects how i feel about Toronto's Canadian winter right now. Cold, dark, and snow TT^TT....



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