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Secret Santa


Kintoki from Gintama.
Like always for a higher resolution drawing, please view it at my DeviantArt

I drew this for The Gintamards' Secret Santa on DA. This was drawn for Star-Slash

Kintoki was second on her list, so i really hope she didn't mind me not drawing Gin-san and Hijikata arguing whether parfaits or mayo is better ^__^;;

For anyone that is curious, i took the background photo of Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) myself this summer. My hotel was in the area. Hell, my hotel was across the street from a hostess club. Coincidently, while i was in Sapporo this summer, that hotel was in Susukino (薄野), another red light district like Kabukicho.
To answer anyone's questions, yes i did see a lot of hosts, hostesses, and yakuza members.



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