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Doesn't Golden Retrievers Always Look Like They Are Smiling?

As i was getting the mail today, a golden retriever and its owner walked past me. This dog had a simple muzzle on; the ones that have a single band wrap around its snout to close it. I think this was the only time i had ever seen a golden retriever that did not look like it was smiling. It had the meanest eyes i had ever seen on one of those.

So thanks meanest-looking golden retriever i had ever seen for the inspiration for this drawing. I decided to forgo the muzzle. I was gonna draw him wearing a black surgical mask instead, but i like lips too much ^^;. A ball gag would have been too kinky as if this picture wasn't already kinky enough XD



LOL that golden retriever wasnt happy ahaha probably a M /happytimeplz
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  • 2009.01/24 07:36分 
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LOLOL!! Maybe the golden retriever is a M!! XDDD (never thought of that)


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