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Is this what i have always dream of?

i have always wanted an oekaki tool on a blog so i can draw and immediately post. None of that upload hassle and stuff. If this works, then damnnn~~~ i love this blog server!! <3

i guess my title can have to meanings relating to my drawing of HijiCOWta <---*shot* -0- what an "old-man" joke....
anyhoo~ it's just a test. Every time i want to draw something that's innocent and cute, it always ends up so pervy, as shown here....orz.....

i'm seeing the Ox everywhere now. Please year of the Ox, grant us that bull market!!



ushi!hijikata is the cutesttt~~~ toragin will eat him hurr : D

i didnt know fc2 had a oekaki tool!?!? hmm
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  • 2009.01/13 03:30分 
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