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Dude Looks Like A Lady

Lockon from Gundam 00. Lyle to be more exact since he does have shorter hair than Neil, and Lyle's more of a playboy and has better fashion sense. But i still like Neil more :DLockon looked so extremely pretty in episode S2 20 when he was with Anew in that quantum wave ring thingy *A* he does have womanly hips......Anew dying should have probably been more touching if I actually cared. The stor...

Lock On! Lock On!

I'm kinda tire, it's kinda late, and i'm kinda out of simple ideas, so lo and behold, Basketball Haro!i just watched episode 16 of Gundam 00 S2. Ever since i saw Lockon's orange haro in the first season, i always thought it looked like a basketball. And i wanted Lockon to dribble it.Random thought: "Lockon" can also sound like "Rock on"....